Thomas R. Gold, PLS

Principal Surveyor

Mr. Gold has 40 years of office and field experience with land surveying, civil engineering, and planning firms. He also has two years of public relations experience. Mr. Gold has been involved in a variety of surveying and civil projects, working closely with clients, fellow professionals, and government agencies.

Some of his experience includes performing, overseeing, and managing surveying teams in preparation of boundary and Land Title Surveys, topographical surveys, residential, commercial, and industrial subdivisions from small to large projects. He is very well versed in preparation of short and large lot divisions, boundary line adjustments, condominium conversions, flood insurance mapping, and settlement monitoring.

Mr. Gold has taught numerous seminars on Boundary Disputes, Project Management, Survey Theory and Practice, and Computer Skills. The many years of accumulated experience along with the law education he has obtained, he brings with him a wealth of knowledge and expertise to successfully manage and resolve the complexities of today's development challenges.


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Thomas R. Gold, PLS